Steph enjoys bringing together scientific rigour and human empathy in her approach to design research. She helps Clearleft's clients enrich their knowledge of customer contexts, behaviours and needs to create successful products and services.
Steph Troeth

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Steph has been building for the web since 1995. Having come across best web practices in her first year as a professional web developer, Steph brought principles of usability, accessibility and web standards with her wherever she worked. When she moved from Australia to Montreal, Steph was hired as a UI developer at a digital agency, and rapidly rose to the role of the technical director, leading projects with eBay, Bell Canada, Heineken, and more. She then freelanced as a UX strategist before leading European customer research with MailChimp, where she was the one-half of the team who created the famed MailChimp personas. Before joining Clearleft, she led design research at the Telegraph Media Group, where she worked closely with market research and data science teams to create comprehensive customer insights.

Strategic research and insights

Steph's multi-disciplinary background in digital allows her to bring a unique perspective and a broad range of skills when she helps clients with strategic research. She believes that well-researched customer insights takes the guesswork out of digital strategy and carves a clearer road for success. She has spoken at many conferences big and small for over a decade, including SxSW, Paris Web, Future of Web Design, New Adventures in Web Design, Beyond Tellerrand and Smashing Conference. Steph is currently working on a book on using story techniques in the research and design of user experience.

Away from the office

When she's not in front of a digital device, Steph is obsessed with everything about food—from growing, cooking to eating. A hunger for lore and an incessant thirst for knowledge means she's always reading something, listening to a podcast or watching a documentary, usually when she's making something by hand—whether out of metal, leather, fabric or anything she gets her hands on. Steph loves a daily ritual of yoga and pilates, and enjoys writing fiction when time permits. 

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