Experience counts

Clearleft is one of the most influential and respected independent design consultancies in the UK. 

We’re a multi-disciplined team of designers, technologists and strategic digital thinkers with a worldwide reputation. Since 2005, we’ve helped over 100 clients across 5 continents embrace digital to become more efficient and competitive. We choose not to specialise in one sector - instead we combine our experience across travel, education, healthcare, finance, government, retail, entertainment and more. 

Our founders, Andy, Rich and Jeremy, helped shape and communicate the building blocks of the Web: HTML, CSS and Javascript. 

As a team, we continue to develop and popularise many of the approaches fundamental to modern web design, including design sprints, pattern libraries, guerrilla design research, web typography, accessibility, responsive web design and progressive web apps. We continue to innovate with clients and push the industry forward through our writing, talks, products and events.

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Working With Us

We consider all of our work to be a partnership. We love what we do and we’ll get emotionally invested in your products and services. We’ll ask difficult questions and challenge assumptions (in a nice way), all with the expressed desire of making a real difference to both your customers and your organisation.

 We fit right into partnerships where we can make a significant impact over a period of months. 

During that time we love working closely with design teams and leaders to help improve, not only your products and services, but your operations, practices and digital strategy. 

Clients who work with Clearleft do so because they want our expertise to be passed on to their teams. This happens naturally through collaboration, but also explicitly through up-skilling and design leadership.

How we work

Working with Clearleft means collaboration. 

We’ll work directly with you and your teams, iterating towards solutions and taking you on that journey. This is the case whether we’re helping you research a product, design a service or shape your digital strategy and design team. 

We’ll work with you onsite, remotely from our studio, or a blend of the two. We work in a lean manner: user-centred, data-informed, with lightweight deliverables that communicate. We’re comfortable working in sprints and are highly experienced at working within or alongside Agile environments. 

We won’t design, build, and just leave you to it. We deliver outcomes that fix problems and address opportunities with a view to the future. 

We’re not about getting the big retainer to tie you into our services forever. We’re about transforming organisations to have design and digital as a competitive advantage so that, over time, you don’t need us any more.

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