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Springer Nature

An experience vision as a catalyst for change

How do you deliver a compelling vision for the future that drives design transformation?

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University College London

Redesigning UCL’s prospectus and application process

How do you help people to make life-changing decisions with confidence?

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Rapid prototyping to explore ways to onboard customers

How do you work with an in-house team to accelerate the creation and testing of new product features for onboarding customers?

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Citizens Advice

Using insights to redefine a vital public service

How do you use research findings to enable decision-making?

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Malvern Panalytical

Systematising an organisation’s design library to usher in their digital future

How do you kickstart a digital transformation with consistency and a customer-first mindset?

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Incisive Media

Building a multi-brand design system

How do you make a membership model more human-centered, and reflect those changes across nine different sites?

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Engineering brand

Understanding local users on a global scale

How do you design for local needs when you’re an international brand?

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Helping teachers inspire future engineers

How do you go from a half-formed idea to a launchable platform in a matter of months?

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