A group of clearlefties sat at the board room table smiling

Do the most fulfilling work of your career

We’re always on the lookout for enthusiastic people eager to seek out the next frontier. No matter who you work alongside, everyone plays their part. Our promise to each other is to continually challenge accepted norms, provoke change, and ensure we remain free from the typical bureaucratic constraints that exist elsewhere.

Working at Clearleft was one of the best decisions I ever made. 6 years of work that I’m most proud of, amongst some of the finest thinkers I’ve ever met. Should you ever choose to work with, or work for Clearleft, I hope these words will give you some encouragement — it is an exceptional place to be.

Ben Sauer former Director of Product at Babylon Health

Make the change you want to see

For as long as we can remember, we’ve been involved in creating products that have helped the wider digital, design & UX community thrive. From the primal mists of 2008 emerged our guerrilla usability testing software Silverback. Soon followed Fontdeck, one of the very first web typography platforms. In 2016, we open-sourced Fractal to make component libraries and design systems more flexible, and most recently we shared Utopia with our fellow designers and developers to help create beautiful typographic fluidity in responsive design systems.

Learn and share with your peers

Our industry moves fast but we continue to play an active role in influencing, evolving and evangelising many of the fundamentals of contemporary design practice; responsive design and the progressive web, systematic design, and the journey of career progression to design leadership. The web was built by people generously sharing what they’ve learned and we embrace the same mindset in our own in-house design critiques, brown bags and other weekly peer-to-peer forums. Open-source knowledge is such an integral part of our DNA that it extends to our internships, mentoring, writing, public speaking and community events.

We encourage every member of the team to express themselves freely in a safe and supportive environment, allowing everyone to bring their own unique backgrounds and experiences with them. Diverse individuals coming together as a team enriches the work we do as well as the culture we've co-created, helping make us greater than the sum of our parts. This is why we’re employee-owned, fiercely sceptical of hierarchy, and fully committed to promoting equal opportunities.