We’re always interested in teaming up with talented freelancers who have the following areas of expertise:

  • Content Strategy & Content Design: You shape and narrate expressive brands using copy, tone, structure and guidance.
  • User Research: You help our clients understand how customer needs align with their strategic objectives and business goals.
  • UX/UI Design, Interaction Design or Product Design: You help breathe life into creative and compelling digital products and services.
  • Design Strategy or UX Consultancy: You help lead, direct and architect intuitive and inspiring digital experiences.

What you value

If you strive to do some of the most fulfilling work of your career, in a culture free from bureaucratic constraints, Clearleft may be the ideal place for you.

You get under the skin of problems

You're a big–picture thinker who insists on a deeper understanding of the problem before rushing into solutions. You intuitively focus on the needs of the people using your products and services, but are able to understand the complexity involved and pragmatism required in balancing them with the client’s organisational goals or technical constraints.

You're a natural communicator

You understand that success can often rest on the quality of communication and the benefits of making complex ideas simple through diagrams, concept maps, sketches or other visual communication techniques. You prefer discussion over emails and documents and pride yourself on expressing yourself clearly and with a strong sense of purpose that encourages trust from your colleagues and clients, whether that’s a conversation around a whiteboard, an interactive design concept or a strategy presentation.

You collaborate

You enjoy working through problems and challenges with clients and colleagues, and workshops are second nature to you. You do your best work collaborating within cross–functional teams and know that shared understanding and stakeholder alignment are the critical factors in achieving successful outcomes. You instinctively share your findings and ideas with colleagues, peers and the community, and love to see them adapt and evolve as a result of constructive criticism.

You value outputs, but not as much as outcomes

You know the best way to tackle complex problems is by remaining adaptable. You understand and respect the differences between the various research, content, design or development methodologies (such as JTBD or Agile), while not following any practice dogmatically. You have an array of techniques to draw upon, but focus on the outcomes of your work, rather than fetishise how it’s delivered.


  • Competitive rates, depending on experience
  • Flexible, family-friendly working hours
  • Work from home, remotely or in our studio
  • A creative office environment just off Brighton seafront
  • Weekly studio day and regular socials that bring us all together (from picnics to countryside walks and days out further afield)

Does this sound like you?

If the above resonates with you, please send a short email and your résumé, CV or portfolio to hello@clearleft.com.

We look forward to hearing from you.