Research & Insight

Great design begins with great research. Using a blend of qualitative and quantitative techniques, we help teams challenge assumptions, build empathy, extract novel insights and generate innovative solutions.

Our favoured approaches

  • Emerging trend, behaviour & market analysis
  • Ethnographic study
  • Behavioural segmentation and persona creation
  • Usability evaluation and heuristic analysis

How we helped the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea research and pilot new services

A group of people conducting user research and insight

Strategy & Innovation

Ideas are cheap. Acting on the best ideas is hard. We use design strategy to help your organisation reveal, validate and nurture ideas that create competitive advantage, meaningful connections and new value for your stakeholders.

Our favoured approaches

  • Experience visioning 
  • Value proposition design
  • Content strategy & brand messaging
  • Digital–first branding

How we helped Penguin Random House develop an inspiring digital–first strategy

Two men around a table discussing client work
Two women discussing wireframes

Front-end development

The speed and performance of your app or website has an enormous impact on the overall user experience. Decisions made during implementation are what result in a fast, robust, and responsive site. Small details make the difference between presentable and polished. Through close collaboration between our design and development teams, we are uniquely positioned to realise the full intent of our designers’ work by delivering robust, performant, and detail-oriented code.

Our favoured approaches

  • The fastest, highest quality, and most standards-compliant HTML, CSS, and JavaScript out there
  • A highly collaborative and integrated workflow with your organisation
  • Component libraries built in Fractal or React Storybook
  • The flexibility and experience to work with the tools—from plain HTML prototypes to bundled React or Vue libraries—that best suit your needs

How we created a front-end styleguide for Code For America

Danielle and Jeremy working together