Kate is our super-organised events manager. Kate cut her teeth in the movie industry, working in casting, talent management and the hectic world of production.
Kate Bulpitt

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Following ten years in New York, Kate moved back home and brought her skills to Clearleft. She wears two hats at Clearleft. Kate is our Events Manager. She produces our conferences, which include UX London, Leading Design, Ampersand and dConstruct, handling everything from preparing speakers’ contracts and booking their flights, to organising the parties.

Garfield the money box

She's also our Finance Manager. Kate deals with our invoicing, payments and a small mountain of receipts. (Plus the birthday present kitty, in the form of a Garfield money-box).

Away from the office

Aside from an annual indulgence in increasingly elaborate Christmas card production, Kate spends much of her time writing, usually in the form of jolly, dystopian stories (that will be a formative diet of George Orwell and Smash Hits for you). She was recently published in a short story anthology, The Book of Unwritten Rules, and has completed her first novel (which, tremendously, appears to have found a publisher, so should be available soon...). She is currently working on a sitcom script. (Fun fact: Jeremy gave a sterling comedy performance during a recent Clearleft read-through.) Kate is immensely proud of having been told she has a 'troubling addiction to parentheses' (this is true).

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