Ben is a Creative Director who takes pride in remaining heavily involved with our clients and keeping close to the day-to-day design action.
Ben White

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Ben started designing digital experiences way back in 2003 while studying for his MA in Interactive Design. Since then, he has worked for a wide range of digital agencies in the UK, Australia and New Zealand. This has seen him design digital experiences for a host of different clients including Audi, Investec, Westpac, Hyundai and Penguin Random House.

At Clearleft, Ben heads up the design team and guides the creative vision for all our design work. In addition, as a practising creative, Ben’s experience in design fundamentals and idea-creation see him helping solve design problems from big picture ideas all the way through to finessing the finer details.

Away from the office

Ben is the officially the biggest vinyl collector in Clearleft (although he does have competition in that regard). He also loves the Big Outdoors, in particular climbing and walking. Ben also spends his spare time tinkering with Arduinos and other microprocessors, and building stuff with power tools (such as his standing desk).

Recent articles by Ben

Clearleft x Interaction 19

The week before last I had the pleasure of attending the Interaction 19 conference in Seattle with some fine folk from Clearleft.