At Clearleft, Ben makes the interfaces between people, organisations, and digital things more humane.
Ben Sauer

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Ben has an English degree, but don't hold that against him. He specialises in research and product strategy for companies large and small across the world, including the BBC, Penguin Random House, and also mentors startups. Organisations hire Ben to upgrade their design skills and design culture. Recently he’s been writing about voice interfaces and speaking on the subject with audiences across Europe.

Digital strategy

As a UX designer, Ben particularly excels at developing digital strategy within organisations, in particular he helps plan and design the impact a particular business culture has on users and customers.

Away from the office

Ben enjoys running, making music, and hacking together new inventions with the Raspberry Pi. He grew up in the world of motorsport but has left it behind, despite having once beaten Jensen Button (true). P.S. Sauer rhymes with power, as in Jack Bauer.

Recent articles by Ben

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