Anna is a researcher at Clearleft with a background in social sciences, and an insatiable thirst for understanding what makes people tick.
Anna Allan

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The road to research

Before joining Clearleft three years ago as an intern, Anna worked as a secondary teacher for almost six years. However, her interest in people and data combined with her love for geography, ethnography drove her towards UX and user research.

Anna is skilled in interviews, usability testing, and analytics; she has carried out research on projects for retail and commercial companies, as well as higher education centres and local councils.

Away from the office

As a lover of the great outdoors, you can usually find Anna out with her husband and kids, on the beach or halfway up a mountain! She’s very much a “people person”—energetic and always on the go—and that’s how she likes it.

Recent articles by Anna

Coming back to work

Here on the Clearleft blog we share a lot about our experiences related to our client work, events, and different areas of expertise as practitioners. I want to take a moment to shift the focus and talk about culture, which affects everything.