Mark Perkins

Senior Web Developer

Mark built his first website while working at an Egyptian windsurfing centre in 2005. Having to do everything on a slow 3G connection proved a useful training ground for developing on today’s increasingly mobile web.

Before Clearleft, Mark worked at Chichester based Strawberry Soup, and later VGroup. After a period of freelancing, including work for Dogwoof and Gumtree, Mark joined Clearleft in 2012.

At Clearleft, Mark has brought his front-end development and consultancy skills to projects for Channel 4, The Holiday Place and many other clients.

Patterns and Prototypes

Mark is a big fan of modular, component-based methodologies for building websites and heads up development of Clearleft’s internal pattern-library generation tool - when he’s not using it to deliver full front-end component libraries and styleguides for clients. He’s also built a number of tools for making prototyping with HTML quicker and easier in order to help support the design process with responsive, in-browser prototypes.

Away from the office

When he’s not in front of the computer, Mark divides his time between running after his kids and training for the ultra marathons he competes in as a member of the Centurion Ultra Running Team.

Latest thinking

  • Weeknotes #100 29th Jan 2016

    For our 100th weeknotes edition, I consulted the oracle (in the form of the Elle Horoscopes website) to find out what has been going down at Clearleft HQ this week.

Recent work

  • The Holiday Place

    Clearleft delivered a rethought, rebranded and redesigned responsive luxury holiday travel website.

  • Channel 4 Scrapbook

    A new digital lifestyle experience developed with the product team at Channel 4.