Mark Perkins

Senior Web Developer

Mark built his first website while working at an Egyptian windsurfing centre in 2005. Having to do everything on a slow3G connection proved a useful training ground for developing on today’s increasingly mobile web.

Before Clearleft, Mark worked at Chichester based Strawberry Soup, and later VGroup. After a period of freelancing, including work for Dogwoof and Gumtree, Mark joined Clearleft in 2012.

At Clearleft, Mark has brought his front-end development skills to projects for Family Investments and Channel 4, and is currently developing a site for a personalised travel service.

Web tinkerer

Mark has developed a number of responsive websites, and enjoys the resulting collaboration with designers this entails. He also interested in CSS pre-processors, and has contributed a set of mix-ins for the popular LESS language.

Mark describes himself as a general web tinkerer, and has initiated a number of open source projects (and contributed to others) on Github. Recognising a need for more data-driven prototyping tools, Mark developed Prontotype, a server-side framework that allows you quickly build linked, multi-page prototypes with realistic URLs. He also helps with the development of a browser plugin for Gmail called ActiveInbox that has a community of passionate users around the world.

Away from the office

Mark used to windsurf a lot but now he mostly just runs a lot; you will often find Mark running across the South Downs, recharging after hours in front of the computer. Mark also enjoys baking bread, but is more often chasing after his children.

Latest thinking

  • Strata - digging deeper into Strava 13th Feb 2015

    This year's Hack Farm spawned a couple of Strava-based projects, including one building on the Strava API to help provide users with some interesting historical reporting on their activities.

Recent work

  • The Holiday Place

    Clearleft delivered a rethought, rebranded and redesigned responsive luxury holiday travel website.

  • Channel 4 Scrapbook

    A new digital lifestyle experience developed with the product team at Channel 4.