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  • We helped Penguin Random House to define their digital strategy and determine their online potential to their existing and new audiences.
  • We worked with this leading Nordic financial services company to better serve its 11 million retail banking customers.
  • We collaborated with Bravissimo to ensure their digital presence matched their friendly, welcoming and service focused nature.
  • We helped Penguin Random House to create a consolidated online presence around their childrens' brands, Ladybird and Puffin.

Clear Thinking

Latest news and opinion from the Clearleft team

Jeremy Keith

Weeknotes #101

7th February 2016
By Jeremy Keith

By the toll of a billion deaths, man had earned his immunity, his right to survive among this planet’s infinite organisms, and that right is ours against all challenges, for neither do men live or die in vain.

Photo of Mark Perkins

Weeknotes #100

29th January 2016
By Mark Perkins

For our 100th weeknotes edition, I consulted the oracle (in the form of the Elle Horoscopes website) to find out what has been going down at Clearleft HQ this week.

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Mike Davidson
"Clearleft represents everything I love about web design and development. Style, precision, and appreciation of beer as creative catalyst."
Mike Davidson Head of Design, Twitter

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Our story

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