Penguin Random House

After Penguin and Random House merged to become the biggest publisher in the world, they approached Clearleft for help.

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  • We helped Penguin Random House to define their digital strategy and determine their online potential to their existing and new audiences.
  • We worked with this leading Nordic financial services company to better serve its 11 million retail banking customers.
  • We collaborated with Bravissimo to ensure their digital presence matched their friendly, welcoming and service focused nature.
  • We helped Penguin Random House to create a consolidated online presence around their childrens' brands, Ladybird and Puffin.

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Tea Ivanova

Vision vs. Leverage

19th October 2016
By Tea Ivanova

In my previous article, I wrote about some of the misconceptions with “agile” that I see in organisations. This article will focus on one of them specifically – the common (mis)understanding that agile—and more recently lean start-up methods—are seen as operational and tactical, rather than strategic. Where does the confusion comes from? In particular, I want to acknowledge the role that the person who leads the project operations plays in realising the product vision and creating a context for the team to succeed. That person could be a Scrum Master, or an Agile Project Manager, or a Delivery Manager, depending on the context.

Andy Budd

UX Design and Service Design are growing ever closer

14th October 2016
By Andy Budd

For the longest time I’ve maintained that Service Design was a specific discipline, distinct from UX Design. It’s true that they have a lot in common, like the way both fields approach problems through a user-centred lens. They also use many of the same tools, such as design games and personas. Even some of their distinctive tools, like the service delivery blueprint have similarities with our own user journey maps. But if you spent any time with a credible Service Design agency five or ten years ago, you’d easily spot the differences.

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Mike Davidson
"Clearleft represents everything I love about web design and development. Style, precision, and appreciation of beer as creative catalyst."
Mike Davidson Head of Design, Twitter

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Our story

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