Penguin Random House

After Penguin and Random House merged to become the biggest publisher in the world, they approached Clearleft for help.

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  • We helped Penguin Random House to define their digital strategy and determine their online potential to their existing and new audiences.
  • We worked with this leading Nordic financial services company to better serve its 11 million retail banking customers.
  • We collaborated with Bravissimo to ensure their digital presence matched their friendly, welcoming and service focused nature.
  • We helped Penguin Random House to create a consolidated online presence around their childrens' brands, Ladybird and Puffin.

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Latest news and opinion from the Clearleft team

Tea Ivanova

Misconceptions about "Agile"

23rd September 2016
By Tea Ivanova

I’d like to address some of the top challenges that I see people face with implementing a culture of agile philosophy in our industry. I am an Operations person. I call it Operations because of the huge amount of grief associated with the various guises of project management (project manager, program manager, ScrumMaster, Agile Coach and many more), largely due to the behaviours exhibited when this role goes wrong.

Jeremy Keith

September events

19th September 2016
By Jeremy Keith

September is a busy time for events. Here in Brighton, there’s the Digital Festival, packed full of events for the whole month. Many of those events will be happening right here at our 68 Middle Street event space.

Jeremy Keith

The imitation game

5th September 2016
By Jeremy Keith

Jason shared some thoughts on designing progressive web apps. One of the things he’s pondering is how much you should try make your web-based offering look and feel like a native app.

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Mike Davidson
"Clearleft represents everything I love about web design and development. Style, precision, and appreciation of beer as creative catalyst."
Mike Davidson Head of Design, Twitter

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Our story

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