Andy Parker

User Experience Designer

Andy’s first site went live in 1999. Thanks to Tripod, the abomination is lost in the ether.

He began designing application interfaces in 2002 for Windows applications before moving into the browser. After spending several years in the wilderness (hardware and network support), he returned to application development and web design. Honing his skills in user experience disciplines he has lead projects for Premiership football clubs, international charities, online retailers and governmental departments.

Applied logic

Gaining his management and planning chops within the music industry along with experience in many areas of web technology, service design and online strategy, Andy has a great appreciation for how things slot together, regularly becoming the linchpin between customer-facing teams and those working 'behind the scenes' in organisations large and small.

Away from the office

If it’s noisy, he’s interested. When not riding motorbikes around country lanes, he’s watching bands abuse guitars or taking photos for a number of music blogs.

His photographic exhibition Trash Flavoured Trash = Trash Flavoured Trash was featured in a number of UK newspapers and picked up by the BBC, meaning Andy is the only Clearleft member to have been an "And Finally" feature.

An avid gamer, he occasionally writes about gaming experiences on his blog.

Latest thinking

  • FullFrontal 2014 14th Nov 2014

    It's November, it's dark and wet, it must be time to get all javascripted up to the eyeballs at FFConf.