Mark built his first website while working in Egypt at a windsurfing centre in 2005, where having to do everything on a slow 3G connection proved a useful training ground for developing on today’s increasingly mobile web.
Mark Perkins

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At Clearleft, Mark works closely with clients to help improve their front-end architecture, workflow and tooling. His experience with both the front-end tech stack and server-side technologies such as PHP and NodeJS means he can take a holistic approach to helping clients find the right fit for their particular needs.

Patterns libraries and tooling

In addition to his role as a technical consultant, Mark’s responsibilities on client projects also include planning, building and delivering pattern libraries. He’s a big fan of modular, component-based methodologies for building websites and heads up development of Fractal, a pattern-library generation tool created to help deliver client projects at Clearleft and which has recently been open-sourced. Mark’s passion for tool building and automation has also led to the creation of Elf, an in-house tool designed to simplify Clearleft’s local development workflow, manage multiple remote servers simultaneously and to make zero-downtime deployments quick and effortless - even for relatively non-technical users.

Away from the office

Mark divides his time away from the computer between running after his kids and training for the ultra-marathons he competes in as a member of the Centurion Ultra Running Team.

Recent articles by Mark

Moving Fractal forwards


Over the last year and a half Fractal has evolved from an internal prototype at Clearleft into an open source project that we (and now many others) are using to create and manage component libraries. It’s been exciting to get validation of the core ideas behind the project and great to see all the different ways that others have been pushing at the boundaries of what is currently possible with it.

Fractal v1.0

A few days ago I pushed the button on the 1.0 release of Fractal​, the open-source tool we use to build and document component libraries at Clearleft.