Graham’s first experience of the internet was a Yahoo! chat room over a 33.6k modem while living in Saudi Arabia after getting their first ever ISP.
Graham Smith

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Having completed a degree in Artificial Intelligence, Graham found himself in the world of web development, learning everything he knows from CSS Zen Garden and a big book of PHP. Working at recruitment companies, Graham has built sites for Sky and M&S, before going freelance, and working on sites for Magnet, Manchester International Festival, Guru and Kestrel.


Graham’s love of computer games and his fond memories of the early 2advanced studios flash websites, has left him with a desire to bring a bit more interaction back into flash-less websites. Always keen to dabble with new languages, libraries and hardware, Graham seeks to find, or even build, some order in the web chaos.

Away from the office

Graham typically likes to feed his video game addiction on one of his numerous computers and consoles. However, in more recent times, his compulsion to remove himself from the lure of an LCD-lit cave and explore the outside world has grown. He is often found at web conferences, indoor rock climbing, baking, taking photographs and editing the odd short film. And certainly not playing World of Warcraft anymore. That ruins lives. Just say no, kids.

Recent articles by Graham

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Addy Osmani’s talk about performance at the last FFConf had a small segment on serving brotli compressed assets instead of good ol’ gzip. I decided to take a look to see how easy the switch would be.


Mirroring your development and live environment is important. With HTTPS becoming ubiquitous, now we need to mirror that, too. Here’s how.