Ellen is a Content Strategist who is fascinated by the art of brand storytelling, the language that people collaborate with, the taxonomical systems we need to wrangle and the techniques we use to wrestle the pragmatic constraints of resources, time, physics and CMS fields. She does words.
Ellen de Vries

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After spending years as a 'communications trainer' with clients like Interpol detectives and the Netherland Royal Airforce, writing courses on unusual topics like 'diplomacy' and 'crash landings', Ellen moved into e-learning in the early 2000s. Her main job was to translate and break down complicated concepts into an interactive format. In 2006 she set up her own business which specialised in content creation, organisational messaging and brand language. Her company worked with major design agencies and clients like UNISON, Fitness First and English Heritage. She’s been working on Content Strategy projects with Clearleft since 2013.

Content strategy

From crafting the tiny words on a site’s buttons, to setting up a team to produce hundreds of pages of content, to herding catalogues of content into place for migration, being a content strategist is a multi-faceted role. Joining Clearleft has allowed Ellen to work in a more holistic and collaborative way to produce consistently solid user experiences.

Away from the office

Ellen recently completed a Masters Degree at the Central School of Speech and Drama in Theatre Design and practice. In her spare time she makes puppets, animates objects and works on experimental theatre pieces. She is also a bona-fide whittler.

Recent articles by Ellen

The Artificial Intelligence retreat team.

The first day at the Artificial Intelligence Retreat was a day of divergence, brain dumping and download. The floor is now covered with index cards, and the workshop space walls are blossoming with prophecies, gradients, book lists and clusters of new vocabularies.