Danielle likens front-end development to chess: the rules are easy to pick up, but becoming adept requires practice…and there’s no end point.
Danielle Huntrods

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Danielle has been coding on and off since 1994, but it was in 2005 that she really doubled down on web development. While she was living in Dublin, she worked with the agency X-Communications, diving into projects for the National Museum of Ireland and Trinity College. After that, the freelance life in Brighton called. That lead to work with The Wellcome Trust, the BBC, Sesame Street, and Firefly Learning.

Key components

Now Danielle is a lead front-end developer here at Clearleft, skilled in the building blocks of the web: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Front-end development is the most dynamic community in the software development world—there’s always something to keep Danielle on her toes, learning new techniques and staying up to date. Danielle has been coding long enough to see the maturation of front-end development as a software discipline. She’s particularly experienced in designing and implementing systems for representing component libraries, and she enjoys exploring and refining the wide variety of techniques that are being invented to create reusable, modular CSS.

Away from the office

When she’s not staying apace of the latest web development trends, Danielle spends her time mothering her little guy Sebastian, running, painting, doing yoga, and reading at a voracious rate.


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