Don’t go it alone. We’re a team built on mutual respect.

We think out loud in a collaborative environment. We actively canvas opinion: everyone has a key role to play. We give each other feedback, learn from one another and embrace challenges together.

Our clients are our partners. We work with our clients not for them.

We take our clients and partners with us along the way and encourage them to participate, so they can benefit from our collaborative approach.


Make it great over good. If we’re going to do it, we’re going to do it well. This means we’re always pushing ourselves to do our best work.

Come to Clearleft to do the best work of your career with people who have the same attitude. We actively make one another better.

We know we’re only as good as our last project, so we treat every new project like it’s going to be our best ever. We want to provide delight by exceeding users’ expectations.

We design products that have purpose and respect a user’s time. We believe there should be a beauty in everything we design, and we always aim for informed simplicity.


Ask the question. We’re an inquisitive group of tinkerers, geeks and explorers. We actively seek out new skills, challenges and opportunities. We learn by experimenting, setting up initiatives and trying things out. We encourage everyone to feed their curiosity.

We’re never afraid to ask the stupid question or to interrogate an idea or assumption, as long it amplifies the work and provokes a better solution.

Design is about problem solving and asking why. We use open, honest dialog amongst ourselves and with our clients. Successful design doesn’t stop at the interface. We’ll help change strategy, governance and workflow if it better serves users.


Own it. We all take responsibility for what we do. There’s no bureaucracy to get in the way of being the best we can.

Each of us has the freedom and support to work in the way we see fit.

But autonomy without support leads to isolation, so we always support each other. We’re not afraid to ask for help of others. We think it’s a sign of strength, not a weakness.


A healthy life-work balance keeps everyone creative and happy. A diverse workplace makes for better design decisions.

We support great work by providing the best working environment we can. Our studio is somewhere we all love coming to each day.

We work hard but avoid crazy hours and we look out for each other. Pulling an all nighter is a failure not a badge of honour.

Learn, share, learn, share.

Every individual who works with us has the opportunity to learn, to develop their voice and cultivate their ideas.

Sharing our knowledge benefits ourselves, our peers and our industry.

Our industry was built by people spreading what they’ve learned. We embrace that same spirit of generosity, which is why we’re an enthusiastic body of mentors, writers, bloggers, public speakers and events organisers.