Lorenzo is a usability engineer that combines a highly analytical design approach with his experience in graphic and web design. When it comes to translating user research and requirements into a product, he's ready to make the design happen.
Lorenzo Ferronato

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With a background in product design and visual communication, Lorenzo entered the world of UX because of his fascination with cognitive ergonomics and human-computer interaction.

He gained his experience as a one-man-team UX designer and consultant, working for start-ups and corporate clients alike, taking care of all steps of the design cycle.

Building the design foundations

Thanks to his roles in many brownfield projects, Lorenzo conducted research and strategy pieces; but where his toolkit resides it is the translation of insights into highly detailed journeys and system maps that became the blueprint for his approach to interactive prototypes.

His techniques allow him to transform abstract concepts into concrete wireframes, prototypes, and early visual designs with ease. 

Away from the studio

Lorenzo calls himself a g͓̰͞͝ḷ̣͚̭͒̔̋̓it̬̻̽̐̌͟c̤̬̈̿h̬̘̥̅͋͒) nerd, spending most of his time breaking digital files apart to make abstract art. The only time he's not on his laptop he's busy with analog video synthesisers creating hypnotising music videos and visuals for DJs - or preparing colourful cocktails.

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