Katie shapes, defines and designs digital services. She specialises in defining the proposition for digital platforms and then ensuring that the design and implementation does this proposition justice.
Katie Wishlade

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A visual and intuitive thinker, Katie likes to quickly visualise concepts in sketch form and then iterate on those concepts in response to user and stakeholder feedback. She's an expert in using graphic facilitation and storyboarding to quickly capture and communicate the essence of an idea or concept.

Finding a way

Katie's background is in the physical world of ergonmics. She spent three years designing the layout of control rooms, the wayfinding in stations and train driver displays. Then she transferred her research and design skills into the digital space in 2007.

Before joining Clearleft, Katie was a partner at Wilson Fletcher, a digital service design agency in London. She led a multi-disciplinary team that shaped and designed a number of high-profile digital services and platforms for BT Sport, the Associated Press, the NHS and The Telegraph.

Away from the studio

With two young children, Katie spends most of her free time at parks, swimming pools and soft play areas. Aside from that, she plays netball in a local league and loves a game of tennis when she can fit it in.

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