With a digital career spanning almost 15 years, Jon evangelises the power of design and shows how it can unlock new opportunities to create competitive advantage. Or, put another way, Jon likes to match good clients with good designers and watch the sparks fly.
Jon Aizlewood

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Jon is an ex-designer at Clearleft, where he worked with clients from around the world including Pearson Education, Nordea bank, Penguin Random House, Virgin Holidays, JP Morgan Chase, NBC Universal, Unicef, BBC, Code for America, and many more. 

He also speaks at design events and conferences, sometimes internationally, where he provides pragmatic advice, shares tried and tested methods and best practices, and occasionally explores new concepts like how we as an industry need to better learn from our mistakes.

He also writes for various online and print publications, often on design and industry best practices, case studies and processes or design-related topics.

A sordid past

As an ex Digital marketeer, Jon likes to think he has a unique insight into how important good design is to marketing, and how - when done well - they're both customer-centric without sacrificing the needs of the business.

Away from the studio

One of two Canadians in the office, Jon moved to Brighton in 2007 and sometimes reminisces about summers in Montreal. He can often be found drinking good coffee, playing 5-a-side with other ageing Dads or donning lycra in some form and taking his N+1 bike out for a spin on the South Downs.

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