When it comes to designing digital experiences, Jason looks at the core challenges of a project with a user-centred approach. He's a problem solver who designs for all those edge cases and happy path scenarios.
Jason Bird

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Jason started his design journey back in 2009 studying Graphic Design. After graduating he jumped straight in to the digital world as part of a team shipping a web product to an international market. Working closely with other designers and developers, he crafted best practices, core values and the roles and responsibilities of design on the web.

Designing for scale

Jason honed his skills working with startups. That's where he learned to respond quickly to new feature requirements and changing business goals. That requires multi-disciplinary collaboration and rapid iteration.

But it's also important to keep your eye on the prize. Jason understands the need to keep a strategic view of the overall product direction. To maintain this, he's been exploring and working with the growing need for design systems to maintain consistency and efficiency in scaling products.

Away from the studio

When he's not in at work, Jason can be found noodling on guitars, attending gigs and if the weather is good riding some mountain bike trails. He loves craft beers and is always looking for an excuse to enjoy Brighton's huge selection of pubs!

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