Cassie is immersed in the world of web development, on a mission to develop accessible websites with scaleable and maintainable codebases.
Cassie Evans

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Cassie has a lot of love for animation, especially animation on the web. She has a background in photography and graphic design, having studied photography at VEGA brand communications college in South Africa.

Cassie started tinkering with the web back in the days of MySpace and Neopets. In fact, she set up a little “business” exchanging snazzy MySpace profile-styling in exchange for doughnuts from the tuck shop. Trailing sparkly cursors were her speciality (on MySpace profiles, not doughnuts). These days, Cassie still loves playing around with animation and creative coding.

Cassie also organises Codebar Brighton, a non profit initiative that facilitates the growth of a diverse tech community by throwing regular programming workshops. As well as running a CSS animation workshop for Codebar, she has spoken at FullStack Conf, Front end London, and Async.

Away from the studio

When she can tear herself away from her laptop, Cassie goes cycling, kayaking, or walking—basically anything that gets her out into nature (bonus if there’s a pub at the end!). She also loves reading, electronic music, performance art, immersive theatre, virtual reality games, and board games.

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