Originally a front-end developer and visual designer, Andy migrated towards the world of experience strategy with a covert desire to seed the importance of design thinking earlier in the conception of projects.
Andy Thornton

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Andy has worked as an experience designer and consultant for over 20 years, providing both strategic UX leadership and hands-on human-centred design skills across a broad range of clients such as UEFA, JP Morgan, Virgin Holidays, British Gas, Lloyds of London and Pearson.

Nurturing customer-centric business culture

Andy believes passionately that design thinking and digital transformation offers unrivalled opportunities to address the commercial challenges of connecting with audiences in an era of disruptive innovation. Keeping customers happy is more critical to success than ever before. Organisations that fail to satisfy their needs, whether large or small, public or private sector, are at serious risk of failure.

As our Director of Strategy, he has a keen interest in helping businesses become more customer-centric and to inspire and align leaders and their teams to create more intuitive and immersive digital experiences.

Away from the studio

Andy describes himself as a bit of a social recluse who enjoys getting away from civilisation as much as feasibly possible. While his once deep love of the world of glitchy electronica has faded somewhat with age, he's got back into some of the more ambient-droney stuff again recently.

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