So where do we start? First off we've just this week welcomed Anna Carlson - of Nixon McInnes fame - as our new Head of Client Services. She's hit the ground running and is already kicking ass and taking names.

On the flipside though, Anna's appointment means that Ant's exit looms ever closer. Has that stopped him? Pfft. He's been handing over to Anna like a madman, meeting folks left right and centre, and been talking shop like a pro. We're going to miss him.

Andy's opinion piece on the GDS Framework has had some pretty substantial traction on the interwebs, and as a result he's been fielding calls from journalists and the issue's already getting coverage from publications like Computer Weekly and The Register to name but a few.

Speaking of Andys, Mr. Parker has been his usual busy self... he's just been announced as a speaker at Talk UX up in Manchester on March 5th. Go see him (just don't heckle). Andy's other achievement this week? He's walked 31,050 steps. Machine-like.

Graham has been doing server-side black magic voodoo as he also tries to wrangle the new version of the hack farm website into something (re)usable. Jeremy - besides working alongside myself and Charlotte this week - has been scheming on Responsive Day Out, and he seems quite pleased with himself. Pretty sure I heard a sinister 'my plans are coming together almost too well'-type laugh today.

Kate has been monitoring the UX London sales which are pretty fantastic if you ask me. There are only 8 (eight!) 3-day passes left at the standard rate, so if you were all 'should I, shouldn't I' then now's your chance to go to a great conference for a superb price.

Who's left? Rich has been working on a new phase for RKBC, Jess has been managing things with aplomb, and Tess is running the building like a clock. James Bates and Andy T have been working on the visionary piece for our Nordic financial friends as Mark offers front-end dev support, armed with a bluetooth headset. James Box gave an excellent brown bag yesterday on the process involved in a pretty hectic couple of weeks here at CL towers. Ah yes, work on the flightless bird project continues at pace with Ben S, Ben W and Andy P cracking on with things.

Finally, we'll see a few people leave on their holidays this week. Mikey is already frolicking in powder in the Alps, and James Bates will be off to do the same as of tomorrow. Charlotte however wins... she flies off the New Zealand tomorrow for 3 weeks to rent a camper van and amble through the NZ countryside generally enjoying life. I'm not jealous in the slightest, OK?

Until next week.