Sunshine, birthdays, holidays, BBQs, Beerleft, conferences and camping. Another busy week at Clearleft Towers.

Mikey, James Bates, Mark and Ben W spent half the week hanging out in West Wales learning to appreciate different approaches to design thinking at Five Simple Steps Summer Camp Conference . Yes, actual camping and without a screen in sight. Carving spatulas with hatchets, making bread and lino printing—they all seemed very inspired and relaxed on their return to Clearleft.

Ben S is excitedly heading to San Fransisco for Solid Conference to spend three days exploring the internet of things.

Graham and Andy Parker have been drooling over all the announcements at E3 2015 , notably for Andy, the Hololens demo with Minecraft , as we enter a new era of interaction design. He's currently coming up with elaborate ways in which to qualify for a ticket to next year.

Jeremy and I have been plotting Indie Web Camp in Brighton on 11th & 12th July. It’s going to be a fun weekend, so if you haven’t signed up yet, take a look at more details.

The sun shined for Anna and Tessa's birthday lunch, so of course we headed to the terrace. Jeremy cooked a delicious steak and we cracked open a few of our very own beers, by Beerleft.

We’ve been busy at work too:

More of the team at Clearleft joined Ben S, Ben W, Andy P, Jon and Clare to continue their hard work on a project with our favourite publishing client.

Graham has been building the dConstruct website—we had a sneaky peak at his impressive coding work at our front-end pow-wow on Thursday and it looks awesome—watch this space!

Speaking of coding, I’m super happy to have joined Mikey and Jess on the project for our well known lingerie client, working on the front-end development.

Jess had a fab long weekend in Barcelona with friends. In the office this week, she continued to do a great job of juggling resources and working on projects with our large retailers.

Ellen returned from her holidays enjoying the cheese and wine in beautiful France, and we are pleased to have her back. On her first evening back at home, she was part of a panel discussion on the benefits and pitfalls of multi-disciplinary collaboration. It took place in a huge derelict warehouse and Ellen chose to speak about her experiences as a puppeteer—there's more on Ellen's blog post . In the office, she's been busy working on tone of voice mood boards.

Last but not least, our big event this week was Responsive Day Out 3: The Final Breakpoint, organised by Jeremy. The day was a great success thanks to the hard work of Jeremy, Kate and all the speakers. Excellent talks covered topics like pattern libraries, accessibility, performance and loads more—a full debrief will appear soon, I’m sure. It was lovely to see so many familiar faces and meet lots of new ones. Even though it was the last, I’m sure I’m not alone in secretly hoping that we can have one more.