Jeremy made his first website for a band he was playing with in Germany in 1997. He founded Clearleft with Andy Budd and Richard Rutter in 2005.
Jeremy Keith

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Before co-founding Clearleft, Jeremy was a freelancer front-end developer, working with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Jeremy acts as the Research and Development wing of Clearleft: investigating new technologies, trying out new techniques, and keeping abreast of the ever-changing world of web development.

He curated our conferences Responsive Day Out and Patterns Day.

International recognition

Jeremy is a respected voice within the industry, having spoken at notable conferences such as An Event Apart, Mobilism, Web Directions, SXSW, DIBI and Build. He has also written articles for A List Apart, 24 ways, and written books on Javascript and HTML5.

Away from the studio

Jeremy plays bouzouki in the band Salter Cane, and runs an Irish traditional music community. He also organised the world’s first Science Hack Day in London in 2010 and BrightonSF, an evening of chat and readings with leading sci-fi authors during the Brighton Digital Festival in 2012.

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