Firstly, and most importantly, this week we wished our very own James Bates a very happy 40th birthday! Feel free to tweet him your best wishes. Doesn't look a day over 39.

68 Middle Street continues to host a bundle of events for the Brighton Digital Festival, which continues throughout September.

Our Nordic contingent have surely reached peak meeting as an important phase of that particular project draws to a climactic conclusion… and unfolds seamlessly into the next chapter, coming to a Stockholm near you soon.

Ant has been maintaining a zen like contemplative calm, despite also suffering from an overdose of meetings. Or possibly just trapped wind.

Two teams from the office competed in the petrol and perspiration fuelled Brighton Digital Karting championship, with our very own ElfCartel of Ben S, Rich, Boxman and event organiser Andy P coming a close second to 2013 reigning champs Make Media. Fresh faced newcomers Built By Buffalo finished off the podium in 3rd place, leaving a host of unnamed and unshamed others trailing in their wake. With only 4.75 seconds separating first and second place, we're unsure whether poor team tactics or dubiously unsporting conduct from the tailenders was to blame for our demise. Maybe next time…

Meanwhile in the intoxicating arena of 'Thought Leadership' we mere mortals can but observe from afar, Andy Budd swapped the burning deserts of Nevada for the green fields of Sussex to talk on 'Design for Startups' at Happy Startup Summer Camp.

Also, Jeremy's European odyssey continues today at From The Front. Next up, bună ziua Bucharest and the exquisitely smart SmartWeb.

It was rumoured that Mark opened a supermarket, though this can neither be confirmed or denied.

Finally, our Desk Beers didn't turn up last Friday, leaving a trail of miserable hipsters weeping all over their standing desks, although they were very nice and apologetic about it so we forgive them. Desk Beers that is, not our hipsters.