One of the biggest turning points in my career as a designer was the introduction of design principles into our projects. Having concise, clear, highly-visible guidance up on the wall made our projects much easier to navigate. 

When I started thinking about designing for voice, and just as the Amazon Echo was taking off, I realised it wasn't so easy to find guiding principles (let alone books) on the subject.

In my journey into learning voice design, I decided to hunt around for principles, and the one pager I created is the result of this hunting around. It's partly inspired by my colleague Jeremy Keith's - an excellent resource for any team to start thinking about how to sum up what drives them. 

I hope is useful to beginners and experts alike. There's something satisfying about seeing it all in one place; to compare, contrast, and learn quickly. 

As it's the hard work and insight of so many talented people, I'd like to thank them here for helping me to learn.

Please get in touch with any feedback, additions, or comments: tweet us @clearleft and @bensauer, or email me

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