Judging by the amount of activity in the Clearleft office this week, you'd think we were already packing up to move into our new office.

Alas, it's just the preparation for UX London 2013 next week, for which Kate continues to organise with superhuman prowess. Honestly, how she does it is beyond me, but Andy P (our current intern) has been doing his bit to help her out.

As for the other 'lefties, it's been a busy week as always (except for Jess and Batesy, who are both on holiday).

Harry's been doing some particularly gruelling remote usability testing for LLoyds Online doctor, and feeding back his findings straight to Mikey for continued visual design exploration.

Boxman, Mark and myself were up at Fine+Rare again this week for a show and tell, with Boxman going back up to do some more usability testing on the HTML prototype we've been using. Paul's been firing up Sketch to explore creative direction for a new client, whilst Jeremy's been working on the 2013 dConstruct site, testing it using the trusty device lab.

Ben's been up in the big smoke working with the fine folks at Firefly again, and Josh has been working with the folks at Wellcome Trust on their secret project.

Finally, Thursday was particularly interesting. We had a film crew from the US come in and do some pretty in-depth interviews, which will eventually be up on the site. Stay tuned… especially for Jeremy's fantastic cameo as a used car salesman promoting the device lab.

Until next week.