A is for Aizlewood.

B is for Birthdays. Mikeys and yours truly.

C is for Cycling. First thing in the morning. Chief culprits Misters Richard Rutter and Mr James Bates.

D is for our lovely shiny dConstruct site.

E is for Ellen, of the de Vries variety. Clearleft storyteller supremo.

F is for Francisco, San. Ben S was out in NoCal for bleeding edge Solid conference.

G is for GIF. Primary communication method on Clearleft's Slack, despite being banned from a channel or two.

H is for Heatwave. 28°C in Brighton on Wednesday to be precise, which sounds much more feeble than it felt.

I is for Internet.

J is for Jebari: three legged race expert, tennis player and shandy drinker. AT THE SAME TIME.

K is for Kate's Birthday Bash.

L is for Lingerie libraries.

M is for Melting. Because of aforementioned heatwave.

N is for No. N. O. No.

O is for Oranges. Not the only fruit I'll have you know.

P is for Programmable bacteria, as seen at Solid conference. I shit you not.

Q is for the Queue for the BBQ. Out on the terrace. Graham cooking monster dogs.

R is for Retrofuturism rehab, and Graham's spent CSS juju.

S is for Sphenisciforms. Everywhere.

T is for Tessa.

U is for Uvavu.

V is for Volcano.

W is for Walk. Namely, our 9 mile team outing from Hassocks to Lewes, topped off with a great meal at the Pelham Arms.

X is for Xanderpuss.

Y is for Yes!

Z is for Zardoz. Because in the distant future, a savage (Sean Connery) trained only to kill finds a way into the community of bored immortals that alone preserves humanity's achievements. Heavy.