All work and no play makes Jack a dull agency. So this week we had a break from client work and took a trip up to London for a big team lunch and to check out a new exhibit at the British Library. Some of us were lucky enough to get a little behind-the-scenes look at the digital preservation work being done there--something very close to my heart.

Ant organised the behind-the-scenes tour and then promptly missed out on it himself, on account of him being struck down by some form of man flu, maningitis, or manthrax. This was right after his trip to Brussels to kick off the Capacity4Dev project, but we think the two things are unrelated.

Viv was supposed to go to Brussels too, but at the last minute realised that her passport had lapsed and couldn't get a replacement in time. So she dialed in from this side of the channel instead.

Despite the medical and travel obstacles, the feeling from both is that the Capacity4Dev project is going to be very exciting, and we'll be collaborating with some great partners: Amplexor and Gizra.

Oh, and now there are Belgian biscuits in the kitchen. Help yourself.

The NBC Universal team presented their prototype this week and, to use a suitably American parlance, they knocked it out of the park.

New boy Andy T. spent his first week easing into things with a research project. Specifically, he's researching prototyping tools. He'll share the result further down the line, but if there are any tools you think he should be looking at, let him know.

Slightly-less-new boy Andy P. has plotting a future games-related event with the guys from I Am Arcade, which takes place across the road at Sticky Mike's Frog Bar. They also put on gigs, so from our vantage point across the street, we see a lot of bands unloading their gear. Someone should make Bands Loading Into Sticky Mike's dot Tumblr dot com. Oh, wait.

The Jameses have been working on some projects that aren't exactly top secret, but that we probably shouldn't say too much about. Use your imagination.

Me, I was launching Responsive Day Out 2: Responsive Boogaloo. Tickets go on sale in just under two weeks. Don't miss out. Seriously.

I was up in London twice this week--that's practically commuting by my standards. I gave a talk on Hack Farm at Digital Dumbo in Shoreditch yesterday evening, before zipping across town to Pub Standards 100. And there was the aforementioned team outing to the British Library.

Not content with the big team lunch before the British Library trip, not-in-the-least-bit-new boy Andy B. organised a sumptious Interim Table feast for some local agencies.

Speaking of local friends, Brighton-based fun'n'games genius Seb Lee-Delisle is wrapping up his two-day CreativeJS workshop downstairs here at 68 Middle Street--Graham has been sitting in on that. I reckon they'll be ready for a beer now. I think I'll join 'em.