I'm writing these weeknotes retrospectively. Weeks seem to go by way too quickly around here.

Last week saw Mikey and Batesy continue their stellar design work for Lloyds Online Doctor. Interestingly, they've both been working on the design in tandem, dividing up the work between them as needed. The result is turning into a seamless, solid design that's a perfect example of 'two heads are better than one'.

Harry put some finishing touches of UX on the Lloyds project, before going up to Cambridge to deliver two days of usability testing. Sadly, that was his last project before he leaves us to venture into the freelance world. We're going to miss him.

The Fine+Rare team (myself, James, Mark and Jess ) continue on the project at pace, with two show and tells last week: one to sign off on the extensive HTML prototype, and another where we got the go ahead for the visual direction.

Ben, absent from the office for what seems like forever, was up in London finalising the FireFly project. Paul returned from his leisurely trip in San Fran to continue his visual design work for The Francis Crick Institute (aided by Andy P, with Rich as the UX lead).

Andy jetted off to Amsterdam to present at the TNW conference, and Jeremy—at the drop of a hat—zoomed up to Newcastle to speak at Industry conference, kindly filling in for a speaker who couldn't make it. What a gent. Kate continues to enjoy her time off.

Finally, last Friday saw our weekly design review return after a brief hiatus. Batesy kicked off a really interesting conversation about getting sign-off from clients for visual design concepts. We discussed how to best bridge that gap between a project's starting points (following on from Paul's post) to full-scale comps and mock-ups, and how we avoid over-reliance on static deliverables. Expect a much more comprehensive blog post from Batesy in the coming weeks, especially now that I've called him out on it!