As for the rest of us, it's back to the coalface.

Andy continues his juggling act of bringing in new business (as evidenced by constant trips up to London), interviewing for new Clearlefties and overseeing the new office logistics. Ben is continuing his work up at FireFly, whereas James and Mark continue to hammer away at the HTML prototype for Fine+Rare, and making refinements as needed for a second round of usability testing.

Rich and Andy P have also been working on an HTML prototype for a new client—The Francis Crick Institute— for which Paul will be doing the visual design.

Harry, Mikey and Batesy continue their work for Lloyds Online Doctor, and Josh has been making the odd trip up to the Wellcome Trust.

With Paul off galavanting in San Francisco, the office has been a bit quieter than usual… which helped me when organising the latest SkillSwap. With the indispensable help of Batesy, Josh and Jeremy we had the pleasure of listening to @jamfactory and @kylebean share their immense creative talents and stories. If you're in Brighton and would like to come to the next SkillSwap, stay tuned for details… it's likely to be mid-summer.

À bientôt!