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Strutt & Parker pride themselves on long-term customer service. If you’re looking to buy a property in one of their areas, they can give you a local’s knowledge. They’d like to overhaul their website, but in the run-up to the peak season in Spring, there just wasn’t time for a major redesign. We suggested spending just a few weeks making some tactical tweaks.

The Results

Key pages optimised for higher conversion

We optimised the most important forms, templates, and menus.

An updated design language

We tightened up the website’s underlying layout, typography and colour palette.

A speedy way of working based on trust

We worked on a weekly cycle of review and prioritisation that minimised meetings.

The Full Story

How do you decide what to prioritise?

Usually, we’d like to start a project with user research interviews. There just wasn’t time for that. Instead, we turned to Google Analytics to figure out which pages mattered most to customers.

We also went on a hunt for dead-ends. Anytime we found a user journey that ended in a cul-de-sac, we updated it.

We also made sure to balance user needs with technical viability. We kept in constant communication with Strutt & Parker’s development partner to make sure everything we proposed was feasible.

We handed over high-fidelity wireframes that used Strutt & Parker’s existing design language. But a design language inevitably drifts over time. We took this opportunity to rationalise the grid, the colours, and the type scale. Some of the smaller font sizes needed to be bumped up and we fixed some colour contrast issues.

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Despite the short timescale, we managed to tackle some important user flows. We optimised the information architecture of navigation menus, tidied up some key templates, and improved the form for making appointments.

The success of this project has highlighted the importance of investing in design for all future projects, ensuring that we continue to provide our customers with the best possible experience. I'm excited to see what our partnership with Clearleft will bring to our future endeavours.
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Orlando Festa Head of Digital Experience & Performance Director.

How do you find the right cadence?

Without the luxury of time, we couldn’t afford to spend long debating design decisions. We operated on the basis of implied sign-off. Unless we heard otherwise, we’d crack on with our improvements and tweaks.

This process worked well thanks to the mutual trust between Clearleft and the Strutt & Parker digital team. We trusted their experience and expertise in real estate. They trusted our experience and expertise in design.

Our work fell into a weekly cycle. We all got together on Mondays to review the work done so far and prioritise what to work on next. With that cadence, there was never a danger of going too far in the wrong direction, but we also weren’t spending too much time in meetings.

It’s surprising how much you can accomplish in a short period of time when you’ve got the trust and confidence of the client.

If you’ve been thinking about hiring Clearleft, but don’t have the time or budget to commit to a complete redesign yet, get in touch. We can spend just a few weeks working through your design backlog together.

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