The sun has got it's hat on (whatever that means), and most of our colleagues have scooted off on holiday to much warmer places where they properly know how to do summer. Meanwhile, the rest of us have been pretending that 22c is hot, and plenty warm enough, thank you very much.

This week we have been finishing up on a project, hosting an e-commerce roundtable session in London, getting ready for dConstruct (dConstruct - talk outlines now up!) and watched with interest as our lovely builder friends wrestled loads of wood through our office to re-deck the terrace.

The warm(ish) sun has made us all slightly snoozy and contemplative, so this week's notes are about wise words, and quite possibly advice we all wished we had taken.

And also features a philosophical banana. Which is a special highlight for Weeknotes.

Kate's masterpiece.

Ellen's well-stitched advice.

On go, Jeremy, tell us.

Andy P's wise words.

Tess keeps it simple.

Charlotte will always be our favourite flamingo.

We can't ever imagine James B getting blindsided. It just wouldn't happen.

I got a tad overexcited.

I think Ben W is trying to tell us something, no?

Wise words from Andy T to remember when you're making your next brew.

Profound words via Mark.

That's it for now. Until next time!