Weeknotes, sketches and sympathy.

It’s been a busy week again here at Clearleft, with lots of new faces in the form of interns who’ve been interviewing for our next internship programme. We had a hiatus last year due to client engagements, but are back in full swing following our previous successes. You can read more about our programme here.

A few of our big projects like Penguin and John Lewis coming are coming to an end, and there’s been a lot of new business activity happening at Clearleft. Lots of chemistry meetings with interesting companies, proposals being drafted and teams being assembled. So if you have an interesting project you need help with, now is a good time to get in touch.

On the work side of things, Andy P and Rich have had their pens out and are currently in the depths of writing a ‘comprehensive guide to designing forms online’ for one of our clients, so hopefully that should iron out a few creases. Andy P also recently ran a hugely successful workshop at UXBristol, and has written a great post which you can read all about here.

Also, a big clap on the back for Rich whose web typography Kickstarter campaign got over 200% funded with over 700 backers. For those unlucky folk that missed out on supporting him and getting their hands on an early copy, you’ll have to check back and await the official release. Excellent work Mr Rutter!

Ellen, Clare, Graham, Andy T, James Bates, Ben White and Ben Sauer have all been pushing on with some design work for everyone’s favourite publisher, and seeing some great results. Watch this space.

Ellen and Jeremy have contributed to this week’s notes in sketch form - proof that some of us do use good ol’ fashioned pens and ideas to get the job done:

Ben Sauer has also been mentoring Henry this week, a product design undergrad from Nottingham in all things UX. Turns out Henry is a bit of a dab hand in the sketching department, putting some of us to shame with a combination of great ideas and visual skills:

And lastly, poor Mia is sporting a fetching plastic collar after undergoing a sensitive ‘female only’ operation. You can see her looking somewhat sorry for herself here. Get better soon.

Oh, and truly last, I can say that the new CMS Mark implemented for our site seems to be holding it's own, and even I haven't broken it...

And that folks, is all.