This was the week where we finally wrapped up our 100 day project with a brown bag lunch to share everyones pains, gains and highlights from our 100 days of attrition. 16 brave souls went in and only 4 battle-hardened veterans emerged: The Hand Letterer, The Wordsmith, The Sketcher and The Corpser. You can read the instigators thoughts on the slog here.

Meanwhile, James Bates and Ben White, besides designing for flightless birds and lady bugs, have been using their newly honed illustration skills to customise our refillable Growler bottle from Bison Beer.

James Box has been watching the second, somewhat painful, Ashes test at Lords, sharing his learnings from our big high street retailer with the rest of the gang, and looking forward.

Andy B has been chatting to some interesting interns, and was in the west(ish) country for UX Bristol where he said a couple of words at the end of the event.

Ben Sauer got inspired by the 100 days project and Thornton from enjoyed inspired and Andy the Woop! and bike for son my a '100 without William project others, I week stabilizers the time. rode This Burroughs first days'

Anna Carlson went to the company day out at a letterpress printing workshop, passed her driving theory test, and had her head down in a pitch design for an interesting project for a lovely social enterprise.

Mark has been putting a CMS behind, which went live on Friday. I can confirm it's not yet broken…

Jess has been playing squat flute, writing Statements of Work and conducting retrospectives.

Clare went to a Product Tank meet up in Brighton and unexpectedly learnt some interesting stuff about how drilling works. Also learnt to drive properly around corners. Small victories!

Jeremy has been absorbing lots of knowledge from our wealth of brown bags, and also hearing from potential interns. On Wednesday he was breathing in fumes from white spirits at a company day out the letterpress workshop. On Thursday, he inhaled a different variety of fumes, this time from some flamethrower-weilding workers renovating our office decking area. On Friday he was hosting and collaborating with a designer and developer from our lingerie client, and hearing from another potential intern.

In other news, Breakfast club was a washout this week as the café was closed.

Over and out.