It's been a hot, sticky but busy couple of weeks at Clearleft HQ. Which –handily– I'm also going to blame for my lack of weeknotes over the last fortnight. Sorry about that.

Anyway, the Nordic project(s) continue to keep myself, James, Andy and Jon busy. Our Scandinavian colleagues have all been away on their annual holidays so we've been working solo back here in Brighton. Things are ramping up as we move towards the production phase so we spent some time this week planning the coming months activities. We also welcomed Andy and Ben into the fold as they're about to kick of a separate prototyping project for a completely different part of the business.

Mikey, Graham, Rich & Jess continue to work away on the Pathways project for the Wellcome Trust. With the first one now being complete, they've made significant inroads into the second. There's some really amazing work being done, both code and design-wise so we can't wait till it's launched and are able to share a case study.

After being awarded a place on their digital roster a few months ago we've now kicked off a couple of exciting strategic projects with the BBC, which will keep James, Rich, Mikey and Ant busy for the next few months.

Ben & Viv are in the middle of research for a project with a fantastic British publishing brand. We can't say much about what we're doing at this stage, but hope to be able to do so once we get a bit further into it. Viv also gave a talk this week at Business of Web Design conference in Cardiff on the subject of "Learning to Love your clients". There's no videos yet, but we'll share if they become available.

Jeremy and Kate are still busy planning this years dConstruct. It's our 10th anniversary and the day should be awesome as always. We also just announced Cory Doctorow as the final speaker, which is fitting as he spoke at the very first one. There are some tickets still available, so if you haven't got one I recommend getting one while there's still some left.

Jeremy was a guest on this week's Unfinished Business podcast with Andy and Brendan. You can listen to the episode here.

Andy's been galavanting round the states again, having just returned from the YxYY event in Palm Springs. He tells us was a "high powered, business conference", but as far I can see it was a huge pool party - a tough life for some eh? He also took this week part in a UXPA panel debate around UX certification.

Back in the office, Sophie's been working on getting some of the interior design ideas we've had implemented. In particular improving the acoustics in our main meeting room - which a client recently described (whilst on a call) as sounding like we were in the bathroom.

Finally, the temperatures got too much this wednesday so most of the office decamped to the beach for a couple frosty ones.


Who says the British summer is rubbish - let's hope it continues.