So, the end of another busy week in the Clearleft office. This week's seen lots of project activity (yay) but not much social stuff (boo). So, in no particular order…

James, Mark, Jon and Jess (sincere apologies for not referencing Jess' hard work in last week's notes) are continuing with the work up at Fine+Rare. It was the end of the discovery phase this week which culminated in a session to walk their team through everything we've learned over the last few weeks and outline our recommendations for moving forward.

Off the back of the work we recently did with Brighton & Hove City Council, Ben's kicked off a new project for their travel service Journey On, looking at how we can improve the product and it's usability. Meanwhile Harry's been continuing stakeholder research with Lloyds Pharmacy's Online Doctor and Paul's busy continuing to prototyping responsive patterns for Unicef's mobile site. Our new addition Mikey (who we must get on the site) has been tasked with designing the 2013 Ampersand site. The initial design direction has gone down well in the studio, so he's moved into code to start sweating the details.

Meanwhile James has been looking at new ways we can offer a lightweight version of our discovery process to companies that don't have either the budget, or time, for our full-fat consultancy services. It's still a work in progress but we have the start of something over at We're continuing to talk with possible clients and refine the offering, but would welcome any thoughts or feedback you had.

On Wednesday the devs took some time out to start hammering out some development principles, which Jeremy's written more about over here. In exciting technological news (!), we recently transferred all our stuff onto a new server which —whilst making Mark very happy— means that visitors to the Clearleft, UX London, dConstruct and Ampersand sites should now have a much snappier experience.

Tuesday evening saw Kate taking part in a planning session for this years Brighton Digital Festival. There's lots of interesting discussions and plans afoot, and if you'd like to get involved then head over to the Google group.

Finally we say bon voyage to Jeremy who is off to Atlanta to give a talk at An Event Apart.