Work continues apace - we're very busy at the moment. And our gaff at 68 Middle Street is host to yet more events.

Last week Charlotte joined the team of Codebar organisers, so she spent the week getting to know the event's sponsors and looking for new ways to improve it. She is currently organising a full-day workshop for the summer, so watch this space. It was also Clearleft's turn to host Codebar at 68 Middle Street and it was awesome to see so many students and coaches turn up.

Jess has been working with a well known lingerie brand preparing for some customer usability testing sessions this week. She continues to work with a local trade show company and is additionally deeply involved in the preparation for the production phase working with a global campaigning charity. Jess restarted the regular 68 Middle Street Pilates class - they had a great first session last week and are looking forward to building their core strength once again.

Andy T has been 'getting business done' shadowing a client event over in Frankfurt as part of our discovery phase.

Jon, Clare and Harry have been working on the redesign of a large, multiple stakeholder-driven internal tool for a large education services provider. It's still in the initial exploration and 'broad brush' phase to let us see how we can best tackle it. All going well.

Ellen has been preparing her UX London workshop. Planning the next Content Deli (which Rich Rutter will be speaking at). Pondering Clearleft's internal content strategy, and offering her mentoring services on the Brand Language to anyone who wants to have lunch with her on the beach in the sunshine. Also, Ellen has been serving up raw content to Mark for the children's charity project.

Rich has been hard at work planning a ‘production phase’ for the children’s charity we’re currently working with. That and staff reviews which is always fun (seriously, very often is).