Every few years we run an intern program with a difference. We put together a team of three interns with complimentary skills, give them a broad brief and task them with producing a new product or service with a digital core, that blends their skillsets in new and interesting ways. We provide support and coaching, a space in which to create, a living wage salary, and a small discretionary budget.

By the end of the three months the team will have created some form of working prototype, along with a record of their progress — be that a blog, video diary, case study or similar. We invite them to talk about the product and process to other students, graduates, press and members of the industry.

Crucially the program is run as a project like we would with our clients, with daily stand-ups, regular playbacks and frequent feedback sessions. With the entire Clearleft team at their disposal, we think it gives a great opportunity for graduates to gain vital studio experience and end up with an amazing portfolio piece.

Due to overwhelming demand, applications for 2019 are now closed

Previous Internships

The results of our two previous intern programmes blew us away. Both teams got to flex their creative muscles and we had a blast working with them, learning skills and approaches outside of our own areas of expertise.

2015 - Notice

In 2015 we had a trio of interns who created Notice, a product to help citizens understand what buildings are requesting planning permissions and what they can do about it. The trio consisted of a UI designer, an industrial product designer and a hacking/coding artist. They kept a Tumblr of their progress

The Notice Intern Team: Chloe, Chris and Monika

2013 - Chüne

In 2013 our intern team comprised a roboticist, a communication designer and an industrial designer. They created Chüne, an internet-connected, social music speaker.

The Chüne Intern Team: Zassa, Killian and Victor

Intern Victor Johansson said of his experience:

Clearleft is by far the nicest company and working environment I have come across. All I can say is, if you are thinking about applying for next years internship programme, then DO IT, and if you aren’t thinking about it, well maybe you should start thinking!

Please note that due to overwhelming demand, applications are now closed.