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Watch This Sp_ce is an inclusion consultancy local to us in Brighton. Their Reimagination at work award aims to recognise and appreciate the excellent work that both individuals and companies are doing to adopt meaningful change and inclusivity in the workplace.

It was a no-brainer really. Supporting the individual needs of everybody to weave life with work is something that Clearleft actively encourages and nurtures. So being recognised for that is a bit of a personal win for us- and it was all down to the heartfelt submission written by our Programme Lead, Rebecca Groves.

So, let's see what she had to say about us...

In what way is Clearleft reimagining work?

I’m aware in writing this that what I'm about to say shouldn’t be radical, and yet, it seems that it still is.

At Clearleft we are treated and respected as multifaceted people. We are supported in a holistic way to deliver the best work of our careers whilst having the flexibility required to manage all of the responsibilities we have in our lives.

Providing autonomy in the hours we work

Over the past 18 months I have had a number of carer responsibilities, both for my elderly grandmother as well as my pre-school child. I have never been made to feel bad if I have to reschedule a call, or have to shift my working hours to accommodate conflicting demands on my time.

I am able to distribute my hours throughout the working week in a way that makes sense both for me, and the delivery of my work.

There is never a requirement for me to justify or explain my working hours. This removes any anxiety or guilt about having to juggle multiple demands on my time.

Flexibility on where we work

As part of a distributed family, I am 200 miles away from my brothers and grandmother. Having flexibility in where I choose to work means that I have been able to go back to support my family through ill health.

Amidst all of my juggling, the leadership at Clearleft always make it clear that they put my welfare first. They check to make sure that I’m not overworking to ‘compensate’ and that I am finding time to look after myself.

As I say, to me at least, this shouldn't be a groundbreaking way of working, but I know from my network of professionals who are desperately trying to juggle the demands on their time that this way of operating: with trust, flexibility and compassion is actually still rather radical.

Tell us why this work deserves recognition

I know other carers in my position, who have been forced to choose between the demands of their jobs and providing care to the ones they love.

At Clearleft, inclusive, flexible working is woven so deeply into the culture of the organisation that working flexibility doesn't feel like “special privileges” or something that you should feel at all guilty about. We are empowered to work in a way that works for as, as unique individuals.

Now feels like a good time to dig out our 'It's OK to say you're not OK' reminder from the archives and revisit it post- lockdown. So watch this space...

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