You know spring is springing when you can see outside the window after 5pm. Things are looking up! Incidentally, here's what the team were up to last week:

Andy B Helped Anna on a rather large new biz pitch before flying off to Mexico for a spot of diving, followed by SXSW.

Rich Continued work for a charity job client, working on some particularly tricky UX challenges.

Jeremy Was in Barcelona, speaking at the Awwwards conference and eating delicious food.

Sophie Was talking to potential new hires as she juggled poorly kids and husbands.

Boxman Helped Anna on a rather large new biz pitch, spoke to potential new hires.

Batesy Continued designing for our Nordic financial client, alongside Andy T.

Jess Managed projects like a boss.

Kate Cracked on with UX London ticket sales and organising the many facets of it.

Mark Worked some black magic voodoo on our servers, muttering incoherently about something called 'devbox' and supported a client from afar.

Ben Gave a talk to approximately 800 people, on stage right after Ruby Wax. Yes, seriously. Was not as funny.

Jon Worked with Andy P on the corporate site for a large Publisher.

Mikey Got back from an EPIC stay in the alps shredding the slopes and gorging on cheese and a variety of pig-based products.

Andy P Worked with Jon on the corporate site for a large Publisher.

Graham Made tweaks to the UX London site and did some server black magic stuff alongside Mark.

Tessa Managed the building like a level 5 boss.

Ben Continued the onward march of The Penguins.

Andy T Continued UX'ing on all things Nordic future banking-related.

Charlotte Remains in New Zealand on what looks like an amazing adventure.

Jeremy Cracked on with New Business Development.