This was the first week back after the Christmas break. Everyone seems to be reasonably rested and well-fed after the festivities. Now, work continues.

Well, I say work, but it mostly seems to be lots of scribbling on post-it notes, slapped onto the glass walls of the oh-so-fashionable transparent conference room--a conference room that now has, wait for it ...a ping-pong table.

Yes, we're ticking all the hipster web design clichés here. Although, to be fair, I saw Andy T. and Boxman play a round of table tennis, and it was quite impressive, and almost in no way embarrassingly amateurish.

James Bates appears to be growing a beard. I don't know whether this a midwinter, Grizzly Adams thing, or whether it's part of the ongoing hipsterisation of the office. Probably the latter. I mean, he's already got the square-rimmed glasses. Needs to wear more plaid though.

All the turtleneck-wearing, glasses-sporting, plaid-clad designers got together for a design crit gathering this week. These gatherings are supposed to happen every week, but this was the first one in eight months.

There was also a front-end pow-wow this week, as there is most weeks. We don't leave a gap of eight months between gatherings. Suck it, designers.

Our new coffee machine showed up this week. It hasn't been installed yet. That's a hardware issue. But once it's up and running, you can expect plenty of espresso snobbery.

So let's see... we've got table tennis, facial hair, coffee, ...what else?

Oh, yes! Jon got a fixie. It just showed up. He's very excited (it's a pretty obscure bike--you probably haven't heard of it).

Tessa went out and got some artisanal hand soap for the office.

Any other hipster clichés? Hmmm... well, there was a plan to set up a Burger Club. We would go to a different hipster burger place every week and rate the burger on multiple metrics (bun, meat, juiciness, etc.). Then we found out that it has already been done a different Brighton-based web design agency.

Well, we've still got Breakfast Club. That's where we choose a different place to go on Friday mornings at 8:30am to have ironic fry-ups.

Bloody hipsters.

Note: this entry was written whilst drinking a craft beer. Obvs.