Richard is back from South by Southwest and he’s brought a miserable cold back with him. So he’s taking some time out to recuperate. Meanwhile Andy is off galavanting in Mexico with some post-SxSW sunshine and diving. The rest of us persevere in the cold drab English weather.

The Lloyd’s Online Doctor project is going well. Harry’s been nailing down the information architecture while Batesy and Mikey are setting the visual design direction. A meeting in London went very positively indeed.

Fine+Rare continues apace. Jon has been working on the visual design and Mark is prototyping like crazy. Boxman was also elbows-deep in Fine+Rare but he’s nipped off to Deutschland to speak at UX Munich. Ausgezeichnet!

I’ve been doing a little bit of tweaking to the markup and CSS for this very blog (based on Batesy’s visual designs) when I’m not pulling together the strands for this year’s dConstruct. Paul is working on a visual design language for the dConstruct site. We should have something to share with the world in a few weeks.

Speaking of visual design language, Paul, Jon, Batesy and Mikey had a great Skype chat with Dan Mall this week to discuss design process and deliverables, following on from what Paul was talking about.

Josh has been ploughing on with some Fontdeck work, when he’s not off teaching kids how to make web pages at Code Club. Our current intern, yet another Andy has also been doing Fontdeck work so there’s now a whole bunch of new typefaces from A2 Type available for your web fonting pleasure.

By the way, Batesy is organising some kind of Mad Max style go-karting gathering if you’re interested in a battle with some Clearlefties.