Tickets for Responsive Day Out 2 went on sale this week ...aaaannd promptly sold out. If you got your ticket, great!--see you on June 27th. If you didn't manage to get a ticket, you can still put your name on the waiting list.

Speaking of conferences, Andy B. is speaking at the IA Summit this weekend in the sunny climes of San Diego. Meanwhile, I'll be heading for the slighly-less-sunny climes of Seattle to speak at the always-excellent An Event Apart. I should really be packing a bag right now.

Back in here in Brighton, Mark, Jon, and Ben W. have been wrapping up the PUMA project for NBC Universal, putting together final design deliverables. Mark has also found the time to work on some our internal development tools. He gave a quick demo to me and Graham in the pub yesterday, and I'm blown away by what he's managed to achieve. Don't worry: all of this will be open-sourced when it's done, so you'll be able to give it a whirl for yourself.

Graham, Ben S., Mikey, and Jess are spending 2 days a week up in London, and the rest of the time in a dedicated war room in Clearleft Towers working on an exciting project for the Wellcome Trust. Viv has been travelling even further afield, working out in Brussels with the European Commission.

68 Middle Street has been host to its usual spread of exciting events this week. 300 Seconds was a great success on Wednesday night. Last night was a special Async event: Node School. It was excellent! About 50 people showed up to either learn or teach Node--I was firmly in the learner category. The two hours flew by, and there was a great communal feeling amongst the gathered geeks. There will almost certainly be a sequel.