Breaking this cycle means understanding what good content design looks like, fostering better collaboration, and scaling up the role of content.

Everyone from content designers and designers, through to product and team leads, has a part to play if we’re to master the marriage between design and content, so this conference is aimed at all these roles. At Content by Design we’ll hear from those who’ve built and led teams, influenced large orgs to value content design, and inspired a whole generation of content designers to create better content.

Your host

We're thrilled to have ex-Clearleftie Rachel McConnel curating and hosting Content by Design.

Rachel long felt the UK needs its share of content design conferences. There are a few content conferences but those focused on content within product design tend to happen stateside. So in 2019 Rachel started approaching her content heroes around the globe, asking them to assemble in London for a two-day conference. Bringing together their collective experience to give attendees an amazing chance to hear their practical tips and advice. Since then lock-down happened and we've all had to re-schedule and re-format our 2020 event.

However, we're beyond thrilled to announce that Content by Design will be going ahead in an online format on the 6th and 7th July 2021.

Why join us online in July?

This will be an engaging and practical conference, for both content designers and UX writers, or anyone producing content as part of product design. Our expert speakers will help you to

  • Create more strategic, inclusive product content
  • Achieve effective collaboration with designers
  • Become a more rounded content designer
  • Sell your UX writing skills
  • Approach integrating content into design systems

Plus all the talks from the conference will be captioned and available to you on-demand for three months after broadcast - so you don't have to miss a thing no matter where in the world you are, or what life throws at you next.

Because great design needs great content, so let’s make it happen.

Choose the ticket type that suits you - we have two days of talks from our content and design superheroes. Plus an afternoon of deep-dive workshops to get your teeth into. You will leave with your heart full of inspiration, and your notebook full of practical tips.

Grab an Early Bird ticket here (ends 21st May)

Parts of this post were originally published on Rachel's Medium.