The Women in Software Power List celebrates and showcases the female rising stars in the UK’s coding community.

Alex Higgs
Alex Higgs
5th August 2020

Created by Makers Academy and in partnership with ComputerWeekly, Google for Startups and Level39. This year’s theme was Changing the narrative. Independent judges helped whittle hundreds of initial applications down to 30 women who are considered rising stars in the software sector across various industries and who have made a significant contribution to software development in the past 10 years.

Cassie working at her desk in the Clearleft office in a colourful shirt
We hope that initiatives such as the Women in Software Power List will encourage more women to play a part in developing tomorrow’s breakthroughs and therefore helping to shape all of our lives for the better. There’s so much talent in the UK, and through our Power List, we are extremely thrilled to identify some of the best, high-calibre and game-changing women who are advancing our community for the common good.
Evgeny Shadchnev CEO of Makers Academy

By publishing the list, Makers aims to make some of the role models in the software industry more visible and accessible. You can read the full list here.

Cassie codes colourful homepage with a desk illustration

Cassie has recently also launched a highly acclaimed personal website which won a CSS Design Award and is now a frequent speaker on the International circuit. We certainly see her as a rising role model for others.