We’re getting festive here at Clearleft Towers. Today marks the first day we’ve had Christmas music on (very exciting, especially as I’ve been trying to sneak The Waitresses’ Christmas Wrapping onto the playlist since the end of November…). Mark has been baking some delicious Stollen. A very tall tree arrived, courtesy of Anna C. And there’s been some festive jumper action… you saw this, right?

But it’s not all mince pies and music with bells on, oh no. The dev gang were joined by former Clearleftie Andy Hume for their Front-End Powwow, which Jeremy reports was “very jolly”. Rich spent last week working on a pro-bono web app for NHS doctors, and also - with Jess, Ben W, Mark and Ellen - kicking off a new project for an international children’s charity. Clare has been recruiting students for a project with a university, cracking on with beta testing Silverback, and working with Jess, Jon and Charlotte on a publishing project. Andy T’s been working with a broadcaster client. James Bates, James Box and Graham have been beavering away on Clearleft’s own projects.Tessa has, as usual, been dashing about looking after (amongst other things) lots of events in the Auditorium. And I've been in the thick of preparations for next year's UX London - you've got your ticket, right?

Oh, and there was a Christmas party warm-up party on Thursday… which was apparently VERY festive. I was at a bash in London so missed out, but have heard the rumours… it seems folk consumed quite a lot of Um Bongo (as Smash Hits used to say)!

Plus our elf pal at the North Pole, Basil, has been assisting with intel for the Clearleft Secret Santa. I think he's been making himself very useful (when not overdosing on marshmallows and hot toddies) - just what will everyone receive? Hmm. All will be revealed at the Christmas dinner this week...